The Story

D’Allesandro’s started from humble beginnings. The business was born with one thing in mind. “To make great pizza and serve cold beer.” In 2006, Nick and Ben D’Allesandro, both Philadelphia natives, set out on a mission to serve gourmet pizza and cold beer at affordable prices. They set up shop in downtown Charleston. The rest is history.

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The Philosophy

We keep it simple. Our philosophy: If the pizza is good, and the beer is cold, people will come. We value our customers, we value quality ingredients, and we believe in delivering great pizza. Our mission is to produce gourmet pizza at affordable prices.

The Team

It’s been said, you shouldn’t neglect family for business. We figured, why not have both? Everyone at D’Allesandro’s is considered part of the “family.” Some of them are brothers. Some of them are eccentric uncles. Everyone plays an equal part, and they’re all family.

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